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Business Tax Preparation

Keep your profits high and your taxes low when we prepare your business tax return. Our tax preparation services for businesses are timely, accurate, and economical.

Filing Back Taxes

We’ll start by analyzing your situation and identifying your options. Then we’ll help you complete and file your back tax returns. We’ll do everything in our power to minimize your back debt and any penalties incurred by your failure to file.

IRS Negotiation & Settlement

If you qualify, we will work with the IRS to negotiate an agreement for the lowest possible settlement. We can help you negotiate a plan that will meet your budget.   We can help you determine whether you meet the qualification guidelines and if possible, have your account declared non-collectible.   Our experienced tax professionals will do everything possible to reduce your obligation.

Tax Liens and Levies

If you’ve failed to file a return or pay back taxes, the IRS has many options for collecting the debt, including placing a lien on your home, car or other property. Golden Heart Services help you with Tax Planning and Accounting will negotiate directly with the IRS to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and avoid further action, including having your property seized.

IRS Audit Assistance

A notice that your tax returns are being audited doesn’t have to be cause for concern. Lowy’s Tax Planning and Accounting will review your records and represent you throughout the audit process.

Wage Garnishment

If you owe back taxes, the IRS can legally collect a portion of your wages directly from your employer in order to satisfy the debt. We will work with the IRS to develop an arrangement to settle the debt and end your wage garnishment.

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