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About Us

Golden Heart Tax Services was founded on the premises of rendering services to people neglected by the giant tax companies.

Our tax professionals are enrolled in the Annual Federal Tax Refreshment course to remain current with IRS update. All our tax professionals have an active Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN).  Our tax professionals have an extensive

history of helping hundreds of taxpayers face difficult situations with both internal Revenue Services (IRS) and state taxing authorities.  We offer all year-round service to clients. We truly understand and care about our customer individual needs.

About Us

Golden Heart Tax Services, LLC is a full-service tax company dedicated to assisting taxpayers’ nationwide with all of their tax, related needs. Golden Heart Tax Services was founded on the premises of rendering services to people which are neglected by the giant tax companies. Each year Golden Heart Tax Services has gaining trust in the community and nation as leading tax preparations, booking and accounting services.

As we continue to grow, we remained dedicated to our founding mission and principals; providing better customer services, a guarantee on our work and commitment to customer satisfaction no matter what services you need.

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